Keto Mushroom Soup

This keto mushroom soup is a wonderful alternative to store-bought cream of mushroom soup

It has a soothing, earthy flavor that is so nourishing and comforting!

This homemade low carb soup will surely hit the spot whenever you need something warm and relaxing.

Although canned soups may seem more convenient, nothing beats the fresh taste of homemade soup.

And store-bought mushroom soup has a lot of preservatives and are higher in carbs.

Making this keto mushroom soup is a breeze and in no time, you will be enjoying a warm, satisfying bowl of this heartwarming and nutritious soup!

You can make it on the stove or in the instant pot to save time.

and made with...

- Mushrooms - Onion - Clove Garlic - Heavy Whipping Cream - Cream Cheese - Black Pepper - Chicken Broth - Cayenne Pepper - Thyme - Bouillon Powder - Salt

NOTES: This recipe serves 4 and contains 5 net carbs per serving. Each serving is 1 cup.