(Congo Poulet Moambe)

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Moambe chicken (Poulet Moambe) is a savory and versatile Congolese chicken dish that has an exciting and unique taste!

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Moambe chicken is a delightfully tasty chicken dish native to Central Africa. Also called 'Poulet Moambe,' this savory dish is deemed the national dish of both Congos - The Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Moambe chicken is also considered the national dish of Angola (moamba de galinha) and Gabon (poulet nyembwe). It is also a household name in Belgium.


This lip-smacking dish is so beloved by many that countries claim it as theirs.  What makes this delicacy so great? Let's find out!

Moamba Chicken Stew is primarily made with

Chicken Peanut Butter Palm Oil Garlic Tomato Sauce  Spices

Moambe chicken stew will remain fresh if stored in the refrigerator for about three to five days. To keep it longer, you can freeze for about two months.

Moambe chicken stew can be eaten with any meal that calls for stew. For example, you can pair it with rice, plantain, boiled yams, spaghetti, or potatoes.