Seafood Okra 

This seafood okra is best eaten by itself and is prepared differently from the okro soup recipe, which can be eaten with fufu.

It is so filling and nourishing due to the variety of seafood options you can make it with.

Ingredients Used Okra Codfish Shrimps Clams Red Bell Pepper Onion Olive Oil Bouillon Powder Cayenne Powder Ground Crayfish Black Pepper Salt

How To Make Seafood Okra

– Boil some water for the clams. – Gently wash codfish, shrimp, and clams.

– Pat dry fish and shrimps. – Add a little oil to a wide pan on medium heat and set your shrimps on one side and codfish on the other. – Sprinkle salt and black pepper.

– Stir fry for 5 - 10 minutes, flipping the fish gently halfway through. – Set aside when done.

– Add clams in boiling water.  – After a few minutes, they will begin to pop open.  – Shake the pot to make sure all of them open up. – Drain and set aside.

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